HBCU college tours are the best ways for high school and community college students to witness the Black College experience first hand. See our tours list.

HBCU college tours are one of the best ways for high school and community college students to witness the Black College experience first hand. If you are interested in attending one of the over 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, these tours provide a unique opportunity for students to visit multiple campuses all in a single trip. Since the majority of HBCUs reside in the South, many of tours route commonly pass through states such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland to name a few. The length of the tours can range from 4-7 days.


Before signing up for an HBCU college tour, here are five factors to consider:

Cost and Payment Plans

The cost of HBCU college tour packages can vary widely depending on transportation arrangements. The average fees can range from $500 to $1,500 for transportation. A security deposit it almost certainly required to hold a spot, and it is refundable up until the cancellation deadline. You can submit your remaining payments in installments. Check with the individual tour companies for payment arrangements and deadlines.

Registration and Paperwork

All HBCU college tours will have paperwork for guardians and students to fill out and sign. These documents will request information such parent and student names, address and phone numbers. Other areas can include parental consent, student agreements, emergency contacts, school information, recommendations, and a student health questionnaire. Be sure to fill out paperwork completely and submit promptly to avoid registration delays.

Transportation and Lodging

Depending on where you live and the departure city of the tour, a flight may or may not be required. If a tour company is departing from a town that is not in your area, don’t assume you are not eligible for the trip. Contact the tour director about travel arrangements. The students will visit the HBCUs on a chartered motor coach. Some motor coaches have more amenities than others. The deluxe versions can include TVs, DVD players, reclining seats and more. The lodging arrangements include quality hotels with 2-4 students per room.

Tour Guides and Activities

Students can expect a guided tour of the Historically Black Colleges on the itinerary by HBCU admissions officials and/or staff from the tour organization. There are typically several opportunities to interact with university student ambassadors and faculty. Along the tour, students will observe campus activities and visit bookstores. Included meal options will vary, and may or may not include snacks, breakfast, lunches, and dinners. In addition to the main tour, some organizations include additional excursions such as cultural destinations and area sightseeing.

Student Health and Supervision

Tour organizations will request information for any necessary medications (over-the-counter or prescription). They will also inquire about medical insurance, allergies, and allergic reactions. Parents can expect an appropriate number of chaperones and some level of security. If you have concerns, be sure to read through all registration papers concerning the tour rules, curfews, and security. Be sure to read thoroughly through all legal disclaimers concerning personal responsibility for injury, property loss, property damage, or theft.

Here is the 2016 Fall HBCU College Tour Schedule:


Educational Student Tours (EST)

Black College Tours (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focused HBCU Tour)

Dates: September 28 – October 1, 2016
Cost: $550 (Includes hotel accommodations, ground transportation, tour director, daily breakfast, lunch, and dinners, visits to special attractions). Tour participants are responsible for their own airfare.
Departure City: Los Angeles, CA (Transportation from other cities can be arranged. Please call for further information.)
Eligibility: High School or Community College students

HBCUs On College Tour

  • Dillard University
  • Xavier University
  • Southern University (Baton Rouge)

Area Destination Sites:

  • French Quarters
  • River walk New Orleans
  • Whitney Plantation

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