Winston-Salem State University Health Science Grads Find Success

Winston-Salem State University is top producer of ninority graduates, including African-Americans and Native Americans, in health sciences.  On average more than 300 students earn a bachelor's degree in one of their health science degree programs each year.  Even more than the number of graduates is the rate at which their grads are passing their licensing exams.  

Last year, WSSU's 26 occupational therapy grads had a 100 percent passage rate on the national board certification exam. This is the third consecutive year all of the college's graduates have passed the exam.

Additionally, the nursing school graduates are also passing their national licensing exams with flying colors.  The past few years the students have passed the NCLEX (national nursing exam) at a rate of at least 90%.  Both the nursing and the occupational therapy programs have been nationally ranked by different years.

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